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Sam Johnson
“To be able to sit in a mastermind with some of the greatest minds in business, and thought leadership, was absolutely fantastic! 
To sit down with people, across the table and get to spend a few minutes to find ways to be able to connect; and, find ways that I could do business for them, and they could do business with me, was just a mind blowing session.”


"If by lunchtime on the First Day of The Platinum Mastermind you don't feel like you received at least 2x your money worth come talk to me and I will refund your ticket, give you £100 to enjoy dinner on me!"
How It Works:

1. Fill out the application above.

2. Your application will be reviewed by my team and I.

3. If your application shows that you are suitable and ready to join, either myself or one of my team will reach out to schedule a 20-minute strategy call for you to find out more details, and for us about your business and confirm that you would be a good fit for the event.

4. If everything checks out alright, and this event is the next step in your journey, you will get your confirmation over the phone immediately. Remember, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

5. You will receive a confirmation email from us along with all of the details of the mastermind (like the times and exact locations of everything).

6. You come to the mastermind ready to learn and ready to take action.

7. You take the knowledge you learn and your call to action and you implement IMMEDIATELY, we will literally give you things to implement right after the mastermind finishes.
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