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Do In A Year!!

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*** Enrollment for The Platinum Mastermind® 
is currently closed.***
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If you're looking for the fastest way to get to your next level...the answer is Masterminds! 
A Mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals all working together to raise their game - to make more money, to gain more freedom and achieve the life they've always dreamed of...

And if you want to be apart of a group like that without having to pay $10,000 - $25,000 or even $250,000 a year to join (that's how much my masterminds cost)... 

Then this will be the most important message you'll ever read:

“You’re the average of the five people 
you spend the most time with.”
You’ve no doubt heard it many times before. It’s a quote attributed more often to the great motivational speaker Jim Rohn. There’s also another one you may have heard... “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”.

Are you spending your precious time with people whose values resonate with yours and inspire you to raise your game? 
It's both compelling and provocative.
This Is An Exclusive And Intimate In-Person Mastermind Event For Just 30 Entrepreneurs 
Over 2 Days In London, UK.

Once we reach 30 people we CLOSE THE DOORS!


Need More Leads and Sales

Do you need more leads and sales in your business? Would an additional £5000 to £30,000 monthly revenue injection help you achieve your goals quicker and faster? If you solve problems for your clients, then this is not only possible but more easily achievable than you think. Gary will show you his proven lead generation and sales process he has used worldwide to produce tens of millions of pounds in coaching, consulting and training fees. You will NEVER suffer from not getting enough professional clients again.

Want Consistent Growth

Do you have the occasional good growth explosion followed by a long plateau period? In this Mastermind, Gary will walk you through 3 essential keys that the hugely successful businesses like Amazon, Uber, and Starbucks have used to obtain exponential growth and that you can immediately implement into your business no matter what niche you're in.

Feel Overwhelmed

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done? If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably know this feeling well. You’re running on all cylinders trying to build your business. You have a long to-do list that seems to grow longer every day. You just don’t have enough hours in the day. Exponential growth can be achieved when you know the destination you are trying to get to before you begin. In this Mastermind, we will show you a system that will ensure overwhelm will not be an issue for you ever again.

Desire More Structure

The absolute secret to earning more and working less, so you can spend your time only doing what you want, with whom you want, when you want, is to master your understanding of what to automate, delegate and eliminate. Gary will share with you a process that helps you find the things you should NOT be doing so your time can be freed up to concentrate only on the needle movers that get you to your goal faster.

Have a Positive Mindset

How would you like to wake up every morning having the same positive mindset as the most successful people you know? What if you had a morning routine that you could easily implement so that you start each and every day fired up with a positive mindset and outlook that will help you crush your day, bringing you closer to your goals quicker than you ever imagined. You will learn the simple mind hacks used by Gary to ensure that no matter what the day throws at you, you will be able to tackle it head-on without knocking you off course.
Why This Mastermind Event Gets Results FAST?
"This is unlike other live events where you just sit there listening and consuming information, taking a ton of notes, only to leave and somehow try and put it all into action. 

I’ve found that SUCCESS loves SPEED, and implementation as soon as possible is ABSOLUTELY key to your success. That is why this interactive Mastermind is unique and like no other event.

Not only will you be able to implement what you need to do on the go, but you will leave with a personal, tailored plan that you can immediately action."
There Are Hundreds of Reasons Why Joining Us At This Exclusive Event Will Set YOU Up For 
The Best Year You’ve Ever Had…


1. Proximity is Power

This Mastermind Event is for entrepreneurs who seriously want to improve and grow their business. As a member of this exclusive group, you will be able to collaborate with other inspiring and driven achievers. It is for the open-minded individual who possesses the discipline, perseverance, and tenacity to follow through and implement change to effectively grow their business. 

2. Real-Time Feedback That Enables Immediate Improvement

Learn from the vast experience of the top entrepreneurs in their field who will be attending. Engage as they explain how YOU can be successful as they share how they faced challenges and overcame obstacles whilst growing their business. Take the opportunity to seek clarification for your own growth challenges with the collective power of the Mastermind getting you back on track! Immediate feedback from successful individuals can save you precious time and money. Remember, we all have the same goal: to grow our businesses to thriving prosperity. There is no hidden agenda – everyone is on the same side.

3. Total Immersion experience Helping Each Area of Your Business

When you surround yourself with successful, inspirational and winning entrepreneurs for two whole days, it will become apparent that we have all encountered similar challenges and obstacles along the way. Regardless of what stage you are at in your business growth, the chances are high that someone in the Mastermind has experienced a similar challenge to the one you are facing. They can offer you the benefit of their experience, how they handled the situation and perhaps what they may have done differently. This kind of insight and experience is priceless.

4. Million Dollar Relationship Building

If you want to be successful, then surround yourself with successful people. The most successful entrepreneurs understand this and spend time with people who have ‘been there, done that’, so they can learn the shortcuts and avoid the minefields along the way. When you attend the Mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs, you will forge new friendships, find potential joint venture partners and open up opportunities like never before. 

5. Accountability

As a business owner, who holds you accountable for your actions? Who makes sure you take the right action and not procrastinate? By attending this Mastermind, you will have a group of like-minded entrepreneurs encouraging you to be the very best version of yourself. They will challenge you to grow your business to the highest level possible and think big. You know it takes real discipline to succeed in any endeavour. Being held to account by your Mastermind colleagues ensures you not only maintain but level up the disciplined behaviour necessary to succeed in your business.

6. Increase Your Confidence & Expand Your Skills

Better decision making means greater confidence – greater confidence spreads through your organization and inspires everyone to perform better. You will feel good. You will feel more confident. Everyone is an expert at something, whether it be lead generation, sales processes, staffing issues or product launching. As you interact with each other over the two days, you will collect new skills and talents – all the time, working towards a definite purpose.
This Will Be The Greatest Mastermind You Have Ever Attended. Here's What Others Have To Say About Learning From Gary Lafferty...
Barry Windell
management consultant
"He made me feel so welcome. It’s been an awesome experience. Well worth everything I invested...

I can’t recommend Gary 
highly enough."
Victoria Barabas
Serial Entrepreneur
"You meet, and get to know, such great people… One idea, said to you in passing, could double, triple… really explode your business…
Masterminds really are an investment in yourself and your company. It’s something you should try."
Rob Evans
business coach
“If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, then Gary has the credentials and experience to get you there.
His invaluable advice has shown me how to cut the stuff that was holding me back. It’s allowed me to increase my income whilst freeing up my time and improving my lifestyle; all this with less stress and hassle than I had before.”
Chris Orlando
executive coach
"The time I spent with Gary, accelerated my learning curve so much.
It's unbelievable the amount of success I've now achieved. If you are looking to make more money, influence the world, you have to work with Gary. His enthusiasm will capture you and his knowledge is unbelievable...
Dr. Todd Eldridge 
“The exercises we did helped us redefine our business and figure out what our strengths and weaknesses were.
Since we've attended the mastermind, we've been implementing the tools Gary gave us to great success.
Thanks Gary & Heather. I can recommend their mastermind highly enough.”
*** Enrollment for The Platinum Mastermind® is currently closed.***
WARNING: It will be opening soon, for just a few short days. So make sure to register now so you don't miss out on any of the special VIP bonuses.

This is a Two-day Immersion Experience and only 30 TICKETS will be available for this 
EXCLUSIVE Mastermind
This event is for successful entrepreneurs and service providers who are absolutely determined to have massive growth in their business this year and for years to come by learning battle-tested strategies that will ensure MASSIVE growth through additional client attraction, effective processes and proven sales techniques that work in every business.

YOU and your success are the total focus of this event. This is a unique opportunity for collaborative, entrepreneurial minds to share their vast experience, establish lifelong partnerships and enable you to reach your goals faster.

Seats Are Extremely Limited...Lock yours in NOW!

you must attend this event if you are...
A Coach, Consultant Or Industry Expert Who Wants To See The Exact System That Can 3x, 5x Or Even 10x Your Revenue This Year.
An Entrepreneur or Business Owner Who's Looking To Scale Your Business To The Next Level
A Service Provider or Agency Owner Who Needs More Leads And More Sales on a Predictable Basis
Looking To Build New Business Relationships With Other Winning Owners And Entrepreneurs
A Business Owner Wanting To Break The Multi 6 or 7 Figure Mark Quickly 
An Entrepreneur That Wants To Learn 
The Strategies Others 
Are Using To Grow & 
Scale Exponentially 
Special Time-Sensitive Bonuses
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Personal Accountability Session with Gary 

90 days after the event, you get to book a one-on-one private accountability session with Gary to help ensure that you achieve your 3-month goals and further advice to hit your personal and business targets for the rest of the year. 

Access to Private Platinum Mastermind Facebook Group:

Access to Private Platinum Mastermind Facebook Group: Get lifetime access to the unique & private Platinum Mastermind group for continued support from Gary and other mastermind members sharing tools and systems to help you continuously grow. 

               The Platinum 
        DOUBLE Guarantee

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Even though I'm already letting you join this Mastermind event for an incredible deal low price... I wanted to go one step further...

"I'm so confident that this event will easily be a profitable decision that I am willing to make you an unbelievable guarantee.
If by lunchtime on the first day of The Platinum Mastermind you don't feel like you received at least 2x your money worth come talk to me and I will refund your ticket, AND give you £100 to enjoy dinner on me."
Gary is Trusted by Thousand of Businesses, Just Like Yours.
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